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Vent thread

Started by GargantuanBass
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Don’t say that. You just have to take precautions in places that MIGHT be dangerous. And since just about any nation has some sort of danger (for example like Chicago in our nation) you just have to plan for the circumstances. I went to Italy and I plan to go to japan in my lifetime and Israel as well. Other places I will not go on principle like Great Britain and those that practice censorship against conservative thought.
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If Hollywood wanted to bank off of nostalgia, couldn’t they have remastered the original movie or something?

I guess but In all honesty I’m just burnt out from all the remakes Disney has been tossing out. Not bad but doesn’t hold a candle to the original animation.
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For my 1000th post i will bless you all with the story of how i became a brony!

It was the year 2011 and i was wanting to watch transformers: prime on the hub network but my sister was watching my little pony: friendship is magic and i told her to scram, she threw a fit to mom and she made me wait until her show was over before i could get the remote. I sat down and watched it with her, and something my brain just kinda clicked, i got into that episode! After a few weeks i would come home from school and watch it until one of siblings walked in at which i would change it something "manly" like WWE or something and this went on for years until i become mentally unstable and had to be put in a mental rehabilitation center which is where i met this guy who called himself a brony and watched mlp, after completing my program there i looked up brony on google and my eyes and soul was flooded with joy, i was a brony!

I am a brony due to arguing with my siblings and a mental institution, crazy huh?

1000TH POST!!!
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