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Weeb Wars: The SJW Saga: Vic Mignogna + AnimeGate (SFW)

Started by Penguin Lagann
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Penguin Lagann
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We're In This Together
I’m heavily debating turning this thread into a thread about Nerds vs SJWs and Feminists in general after the case ends.

The problem is, I fear that people will find ways to get it shut down because they hate it when Political Correctness gets bashed.
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"Evil Bastard"~BH
Where did you get SPIDERMAN? I WISH! I was talking about Iron Heart. You know that black girl that believes she is better than Iron Man in every way and is borderline if not outright villainous in her behavior. In the comics she had to goad the teacher into telling her that she wouldn’t amount to anything as an EXCUSE to "prove" her wrong. It stupidity of the highest order.
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We should ban films like Ghostbusters, Last Jedi, Captain Marvel, Ect so Hollywood can learn a lesson.
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Nerds have been the target every time, and that will never stop. First they’re satanic monsters summoning Kthulu with D&D, now they’re horrid rapist that overpower women with 20-sided dice rolls.

It will never end, and the media site that should stick up for us have failed and sooner kick dirt in our faces to avoid the same ire. Like the cowards they are.

You sound like you have a victim complex a mile wide. Have you considered taking a break from the internet for a bit? Or at least a break from social media? Here’s the thing, there will always be comments from people that don’t like your group no matter what group you’re a part of. But actually thinking the world is on a crusade against your group is just going to fuck up your mind, especially if you surround yourself with people that go out specifically to find those kind of comments.

Speaking of, it’s hilarious seeing people complain about other threads being an echo chamber. Have you actually seen the posts in here? "We are the victims here." "Hollywood evil." "If we don’t like that group they’ll say we’re evil which is wrong!" "I agree." "I second that agreement!" "We are all so right in this opinion unlike the people of those other threads."

But, I mean, this can’t possibly be an echo chamber. After all, only [group you personally don’t like] would have an echo chamber. [Group you’re part of] is the one speaking the truth so it’s only natural to surround yourself with people that completely agree with you. And anyone publicly disagreeing with [insert your group[ is just censoring you for having a different opinion.

Now, I’m not defending SJWs. There’s plenty of fucking retarded people on that side of things. But any time I peer into an anti-SJW thread, it’s the exact same fucking thing. People claiming to be the true victims of the world and how horrible everything is.

From an outsider’s point of view, it really seems like every SJW and anti-SJW is a modern day Don Quixote thinking that any random tweet or comment is a monster that they must slay to defend justice. And if they don’t take it upon themselves to end that great evil then freedom and justice are dead
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I only stated what has happened, especially every time there’s a movement of fans when their hobbies that don’t actually care about it, and just want it for themselves because it’s "cool" to like it now. And what exactly am I supposed to call it when the media just say "These people who don’t agree with us are evil!"? Sure feels like an attack.

I never mentioned anything being an echo-chamber. In fact. Look back far enough, there were people in this thread trying to counter what we were saying, but since the narrative was destroyed left.

You can’t fight ignorance of one group without pointing it out, unlike them trying to making someone a "Boogyman" and any criticism to the contrary is considered "harassment, sexism, bigotry and the evil trolls"

Plus, there are PLENTY of anti-SocJus people who would gladly debate with the other side. It’s the other that never wants to come to the table, because they can’t let their ’heretics’ speak openly and show they’re not the fermented villains they want to paint them as. You can draw many parallels from history, but the fact remains:

They needs a devil to spout their virtues again, and witches to burn.
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"Evil Bastard"~BH
Let me put it bluntly for you. This SJW nonsense was thought to be nothing more than a run of the mill progressive movement that would die out like it did back in the 1890s to 1910s when it LAST reared its ugly head. We all thought that they would run around and get criticized for being so politically correct that they would fade to obscurity again. We were WRONG. Instead they now have incalculable power ranging from not just the MSM but also the fucking social media that are the new public forums for debate and guess what….WE ARE CONSISTANTLY, without fail, censored on those platforms. Yet they have the gall to say "its not because of your political opinions". This is a flatout bullshit lie. Even worse is that the entertainment industry, which includes games btw, are infected with this SJW bullshit that has shat out so many failures that its unreal. Ghostbusters 2016, Oceans 8, and several others like the new star wars trilogy proves this. The comics industry is no better and they arguably have it worse since the industry is in decline and if they don’t find a way to pull out of this nosedive the comic giants will shut their doors forever. Now TELL me again why you think they aren’t worthy of scorn for what they have destroyed….
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[screams in German]

Also, I have not been keeping up with Animegate. I heard about the anime studio burning down and killing people, some people on Twitter praise the deaths of 33 people, and of course news sites making it a gender politics issue.

But other than that, I’m pretty much cold.
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@Background Pony #59DD
Ban them, how? Forbid movies like that from being made? Even if you had the authority to do it, are you really okay with telling people they can’t make what they want because some people dislike it?
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