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So basically a Boba Fett show without Boba Fett.

That being said I hate how they're doing Ultra wide screen now. Like ok you like how it looks fine, but just add the black bars to it, having the odd shaped video play just makes me think it loaded in wrong or that I'm scrolled down half way
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I should add in I don't mind Ultra wide screen but you need the black bars there if you're going to do it IMO, especially on Youtube, it's more I dislike the way they're loading it onto web pages moreso than anything else
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As cool as the Ms Marvel tv show would be I feel like I would be more hyped if she was in a movie.

Have her co-star in Captain Marvel 2 or something.
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But then again, we have both one of the higher ups of SOny, and the actual actor of Spider-Man talking about this, so it seems like there is a pretty high chance Spidey is leaving the MCU
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[screams in German]
Okay, I just read the whole thing and honestly, it got really disappointing in the end. Like, I liked the part where Megatron managed to rebuild himself and get some power armour, but everything afterwards is just… urgh…

He should've escaped with the rest of the Decepticons, allowing for a sequel. Instead, he got beat up by some powered up Optimus out of nowhere and done. Kinda boring.
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It’s written by Jim Sorenson and Chris McFeely who have worked on Transformers officially but this is an unofficial work based on some of the concepts that would have been Season 4 to make a kind of "movie" finale so it’s like the most we’re going to get right now.

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