The Nerd Out Thread (comics, movies, anime, cartoons, video games, your favorit lore, ect.)

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No, no it is not, it’s a brilliant well paced Shoujo masterpiece, with awesome sword fights, and had the foresight to take toxic beliefs about relationships and maturity to task in the fucking 90s
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No, See unlike actual trash from then i don’t have any nostalgia for Utena, so when i tell you it makes everthing Toriyama or who ever the fuck made Yu-Yu-Hakusho look like stumbling morons it’s with those shows having nostalgia filters helping them,
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Does the Crunchyroll release of G Gundam have dubtitles (subtitles that just use the dub’s script)?
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I made an improved & updated list of Disney comics if Marvel had the keys to thewhole magic kingdom of comics here I go!

Mickey Mouse
Writer: Warren Spector[developer on Epic Mickey wrote some issues of Boom Studios Disney comics] Artist: Andy Hirsch[ Booms Studio’s Garfield comics]

Donald Duck
Writer: KC green[Gun Show] Artist: Lauren Howell[Boom’s Regular Show]

Writer/Artist: Jacob Chabot

Pirates of the Caribbean
Writer: Cullen Bunn[Monster Unleashed, X-men Blue] Writer: Alita Martinez[Black Panther: World of Wakanda]

The Incredibles
Writer: Jim Zub[IDW’s Samurai Jack, Thunderbolts, Uncanny Avengers] Artist: Alti Firmansyah[X-men 92]

Darkwing Duck
Writer: Mark Waid[Champions] Artist: Mattia Di Meo[Adventure Time Vs Regular Show]

Writer: Jim Zub^ Artist:Cole Ott[Adventure Time Comics]

Gravity Falls
Writers: Mad Rupert & KC green Artist: Mad Rupert

Star vs The Forces of Evil
Writer: Ryan North[Unbeatable Squirrel Girl] Artist: Sheli Paroline[Adventure Time]

Wonder Over Yonder
Writer: Noelle Stevenson[LumberJanes, former writer on Wander Over Yonder tv series] Writer: Jim Rugg[Captain Victory]

Milo Murphy’s Law
Writer: Chris Hastings[Gwenpool] Artist: John Delany[Simpsons comics]

Conor Mccreery[Boom Studios Amazing World of Gumball] Writer: Jake Parker[Rocket Raccoon]

Kingdom Hearts
Writer: Kieron Gillen[Journey into Mystery, Young Avengers] Artist: Sana Takeda[X-23]

Writer: Saladin Ahmed[Black Bolt] Writer: Niko Henrichon[Doctor Strange]

Hunted Mansion
Writer: RL stine Artist: Eric Nguyen[Old Man Logan]

Writer: Greg Pak[Totally Awesome Hulk] Artist: Brian Level

so what do you guys think?
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