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The Eternal Thread 2.0

Started by nooby
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Rainboom Dash
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I just realized very recently (within the last few minutes) that I’ve been up for almost 19 hours with no naps… and yet I’m just barely starting to feel tired lol


Maybe I’ll just go ahead and go to bed… I’m bored… nothing to do… tired of singing… bored of everything… yup, bed time

Tomorrow I can workout for (hopefully) at least around 2 and a half hours… I’m getting there… I’ll be at 4 hours in no time… well.. depends how hard I push myself.. right now I’m just pushing myself a medium amount
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@Rainboom Dash
Yeah, that actually sounds like a pretty good deal. In retrospect, a Solo might have been better for me than a 2i2 since I don’t use the second input often enough to justify it. But, hey, it was used anyway, so it wasn’t too much extra.
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