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Super Smash Bros. Thread

Started by HeroInferno
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Finally a Red Mage
I totally realised we didn’t have a Smash Bros. thread, so I went ahead and ammended that glaring issue.

Who are you hoping will be in Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS? How will they play? What stages will be in it?

Oh and by the way, look who’s back!

The creation of this thread may or may not have been inspired by the Pokemon thread
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What would be very nice is character balance (I’m looking at you, Meta-knight), making all the characters valuable, with strenghs and weaknesses like falling speed, knockback power, anything like that. Also, I like what they did with Bowser and I would like see the developers hitting Meta-knight with a nerfbat (That would be some good drama to eat popcorn).

I can agree with that.
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Thread Starter - Overwatch thread

How is this for a character they should add?

Yarn Kirby

Game Series: Kirby’s Epic Yarn


Offense: 4

Defense: 6

Projectile: 7

Speed: 7

Throwing Ability: 7

Final Smash: 9

Overall: 7

Move List:

B: Yarn Whip

B + Right/Left: Yarn Car

B + Up: Yarn Parachute

B + Down: Yarn Weight

Move List Breakdown:

Yarn Whip:

Yarn Kirby whips a piece of yarn at an opponent or item and rolls them into a ball for a short amount of time. Yarn Kirby can either carry the ball around and throw it as an attack or set it down on the ground. Depending upon what type of item was rolled up, the thrown ball will gain different effects.

For opponents and support items (i.e. Food, Heart Container, Sandbag, etc.) the ball can be thrown horizontally, upward, or diagonally-upward. Upon hitting an opponent or platform the ball will then dissipate.

For melee items (i.e. Beam Sword, Fan, Hammer, etc.) Instead of rolling up a ball, Yarn Kirby rolls up a small arrow. These arrows are thrown like regular balls, except upon hitting an opponent or platform they will pass through and continue on instead of dissipating.

For projectile items (i.e. Super Scope, Ray Gun, Cracker Launcher, etc.) Instead of a regular ball, Yarn Kirby will roll up a winged ball, which when thrown will home in onto a nearby opponent, dissipating upon hitting.

For explosive items (i.e. Bob-omb, Smart Bomb, Gooey bomb, etc.) the ball will be thrown in an arch instead of a straight path.

For indirect items (i.e. Screw Attack, Poke Ball, Pitfall, etc.) The ball will conform to gravity and roll along the surface, however it will also pass through opponents and platforms.

Yarn Car:

Yarn Kirby transforms into a car and begins to drive around the stage. If he hits any opponent with any kind of momentum, they will take damage and Yarn Kirby will transform back into his regular form.

Yarn Parachute:

Yarn Kirby springs high up into the air, inflicting damage to any opponents hit while ascending, before transforming into a parachute and slowly gliding downwards, any opponents hit while floating down will take damage. Pressing down while gliding will cancel the transformation.

Yarn Weight:

When used in the air, Yarn Kirby will transform into a two-ton weight, rocketing toward the ground, inflicting a good amount of damage to any opponents hit along the way. While on the ground, using this attack protects Yarn Kirby from receiving a small amount of damage.

Final Smash:

Tankbot Kirby:

Yarn Kirby transforms into his Tankbot form. In this form, Yarn Kirby can damage opponents by running into them with his treads and can hover by holding the jump button. While also in this form, Yarn Kirby replaces the ’A’ and ’B’ buttons with special attacks.
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I want Ganondorf to return, preferrably with a better jumping ability – I love playing as him, but his bad jump can be really annoying.
I also want them to add a Tales-of-character and Eevee from Pokémon.
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I would be reassured if it doesn’t happen. It’s just too much for me, like, letting the fans adding everything they want. Speaking of letting the fans adding everything, why don’t we ask to add unrelated Nintendo characters like Twilight Sparkle or Uncle Chan in the game?

What I mean is, as a developer, you just can’t let the fans manipulate what to add/remove anything they want, unless it’s some sort of poll.
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Okay, no Reggie for Smash. But now I want him to have his own fighting game with the rest of Nintendo’s staff, with big names like Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto, Retro Studios’ Jeff Spangenberg, and the Seattle Mariners’ Howard Lincoln.
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I wish MC Adore (named So’RA In Japan), that rapper girl from Rhythm Heaven would be in the game. making a game-play style that involves rhythm and/or the background music would be interesting.

I also really hope Sonic and Snake make their return and a codec makes a joke about Snake being dead. Like, Snake points out that all the Fire Emblem characters are from different points in time and Otacon says something like "Well you’re one to talk".
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What I really want out of SSB4 is for it to play like Brawl Minus.


Are they really getting rid of R.O.B.? I loved that guy, he saved the world from The Video Game Crash of ’83 The Subspace Emissary.
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