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Random facts of yourself thread

Started by PaperBagPony
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Tl:dr i got unfairly rated on test for joining university and therefore failed, now pissed af

I just got rejected for my application to join this university, and it wasn’t fair. In order to join the university, you had to complete physical tests such as how far can you jump, running on all fours backwards over and under the obstacles, crunches, flexibility (how far down can you reach with your hands) and pull ups. Well it was a problem because it was simply unfair. Everyone literally everyone there was for soccer, except me, I chose basketball. And all of them were fast af and 5’7ish, and here I am, a 6’11 giant that cannot compare to them. By unfair i mean they rated us EQUALLY, for same things. I did well on distance jumping, flexibility and crunches, but due to my much longer limbs, which grew faster than my muscles and 280 lbs that I have due to my height (im skinny), i couldnt do a single pull up, and couldn’t fit under the obstacles, as my foot size prevented me from going under obstacles swiftly without smashing through them all like a truck crashing in cars because its brakes failed before a traffic congestion. No, they didnt notice me that I am different than the rest, in fact they didnt give a FUCK or two. They just leaned onto those computer algorythms that calculate if you gathered enough points to successfully complete the needed test. AND TO TOP IT OFF I HAD TO PAY 40 BUCKS FOR THAT SHIT, AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW. and yes I FAILED. god help me, why is world so unfair to me?
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Whenever I Get Blood Work Done, My Mom Can’t Look At All She Doesn’t Like It When Blood Comes Out Of Me. I Just Look And Don’t Care And Let The Doctor Do Their Thing
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
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I’ve always wondered what lies beyond the known boundaries of the universe. Multiverses in which I’m rich, dead, evil, leader, or a hooker.
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@Count Adramélekh Sear 🎸
well beyond the observable universe is just more of our own universe. i’m pretty sure there are more other than ours. But i doubt we can know of them. there is a decent chance that a carbon copy of our universe exist in which you’ve made different decisions. since you know infinite possibilities is quite alot.
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