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[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

Started by GERgta
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On May 19, 2019 It Will Be The 2nd Anniversary Of My Cat’s Passing (May 19, 2017) [Her Name Is Eva], It Doesn’t Even Feel That Long….Feels Like She Was Gone Yesterday, I Was Absolutely Heartbroken, Bawling My Eyes Out….I Think About Her Each And Everyday, There Are Days Where I Cry About How Much I Miss My Beautiful Cat. 😭

I Wish She Was Still Here…. 😭😥

Pets Are Family <3
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Have a nice day.

Fuck everyone who acted like a stuck up cockroach towards me.

My chest pains won’t stop and I’m too insensitive to be there with grandma.

Fuck it! Let the pain take me.
I always was an asshole.

There’s that FUCKING SONG right on schedule.
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I generally don’t care what people think about things I do, but it does still make me sad sometimes. Never enough to make me stop, bu enough to be temporarily sad.
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Today I carried a dead foal from birth to it’s grave. I held it with it’s front legs over one of my shoulders while cradling it in both arms. If it’s one thing that makes me feel deep sadness, it is such things like this. A feeling I didn’t knew I could express. I have such an attachment to horses, their beauty and so many other things. I did not cry, but I cried hard on the inside because the pain is somewhat familiar to me.

I pictured this foal alive and well when I first saw it, I tricked my mind into thinking it was okay at first, then I knew after a few moments that reality had won.

To hug a dead foal in my arms, to feel it’s slight warmth and that it could have possibly made it and lived, really gave me somewhat of a relief that I do have honest emotion and can feel sadness for other beings other than myself. That I’m actually alive and these things do happen. I never thought I would feel anything and I’ve seen a lot of death, but when it comes to horses, I cannot harden myself to feel nothing to it. I love them too much and I proved it to myself.

To put this foal into a hole knowing I have no power or knowledge of anything prior to a tragedy to prevent it makes me completely worthless, but it unlocks a feeling and emotion and a sort of gratitude of being alive. Not because I’m afraid, but because I know, as a living being, I’ll die too.
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I’m scared of being around people because I might hurt them, I’m an asshole and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’ve never known the true nature of people, to be friends with someone. I might not actually feel bad for anyone but it’s the best I can do.
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I don’t feel like talking to anyone for now. I’m having a really bad day. And I think I need some rest. This day keeps getting worse and worse, no matter how hard I tried to stay calm and stay positive. Fuck this stupid ass day. I really hope I’ll get some better rest tonight.
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Have a nice day.
That amazing food from up north only made me realize what a low quality life I’ve been living, I might never eat like that again.

I have a plan to make some money but it will most likely fail.
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I really want to die right now.

I just can’t do this anymore. I feel an amount of disappointment I can’t even begin to aay what’s makibg me feel this way.

>Haven’t made my presentation on Friday because I was absent the day before

>Mom’s pissed because of the lubch arrangement with my friend who has no money and expects me to make lunch for him whenever I’m not attending to school

>Barely have any work done because my other friend prioritizes me while showing me videos and talks about ideas NON-STOP.

>Having the feeling of giving up my digital drawing hobby because laptop constantly keeps shuttibg down, even when I’m not drawing

Please for the sake of it all, just kill me.
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