Opinion on oneself (Rule: Talk in the third person)

Started by Cyan Lightning
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tumblr did nothing wrong
Man, this LeoNero guy. What a loser, what a degenerate, what nervous wreck this guy is. The guy sits around all day doing nothing productive with his life. Always worried about everyone and everything to the point of obsession. He’s also an ugly fuck with a billion freckles, has a speech impediment, has a lot of gross fetishes, and could be a borderline nihilist. Sometimes he wishes things would be better if he wasn’t born. That he is the cause of all the problems in the family, who is still haunted by past mistakes.

Kind words and advice fall on deaf ears, a doormat for the world to step on, no true love from family, low self esteem, who feels like he’s his own worst enemy.

Take out the speech impediment and most of the freckles and you’ve described pixel as well.
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Hi everypony!
@Coldfire the Bat
Paper Bag can’t explain it in detail because english it’s not her main language

besides, only some people of the fandom don’t think it’s wrong, but the rest of the world think that drawing little ponies on lewd situations it’s wrong, and she can’t deny it
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just an idiot
Sumi is so freaking stupid. She can’t socialize at all. She’s so awkward and I wonder how she even has friends. Shes so shy that she sometimes doesn’t even dare ask people questions.

She has had a crush on the same guy for the third year and still barely talks to him.

She also comments a lot of stupid things that she’ll definitely regret in the future. Also her grammar is so freaking cringy.

To sum it up she’s just a loser who kinda pretends to be cool on the internet.
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