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Hey all,
Do you have questions for the moderation team of Derpibooru? Ask them here! I’ll be replying to questions for at least most of the day today, but other mods may step in too.
Please follow all established community rules with your questions.
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Ask away my little ponies!  
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Honestly it depends. Some people are on here almost all of their waking hours. Others (like me) are on sporadically throughout the day, or once per day. Some only hit the site every other day or so.
We stay in contact through IRC mostly, which all staff are on.
Edit: I’m gonna graph this at some point in the future. It’d be fun to see.
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“Ok then, how much time do mods spend on the site?”  
As other’s said, it varies. But for myself I’m pretty much on 24/7. Though that’s because I just have the site open in a tab while I do other stuff on the computer~
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@some pony  
I don’t personally. And Derpibooru has/had no relation to the original Ponibooru site (or any of it’s attempted revivals). Simply when the original site shut down, Derpibooru uploaded a ton of pictures from Ponibooru, and most of the userbase migrated here, but that’s about it.
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