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AlexBash's Commissions

General information
Profile: AlexBash
Status: Open
Price Range: $1.20 - $35.00 USD

I making a little GIF animation with the Pony of your choice.

-No matter if it’s a Series Character or an Own Character.

-No matter if it’s Earthpony, Pegasaus or Unicorn.

And for the Picture I also need a refsheed from the Pony.

Background is also freely selectable

Remember: I offer an embroidery Pony so I can not work with a lot of details as it should be quite simple

Since I work up to 11 hours a day 5 days a week, the picture may take 1-2 weeks

>>>I only accept PayPal<<<
Contact information
For questions or suggestions I am here by PM or on deviantart, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to reach
Will draw/create
I draw everything that is possible to get this simple embroidery pony design
Will not draw/create
I do not do NSFW content synonymous Sexually suggestive or similar
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Commissions Sheet
Available Items and Prices
ExampleDescriptionBase PriceAdd-Ons
Size: 4032x3024 | Tagged: artist:alexskleinewelt, food, oc, oc:alex bash, real life background, safe, sandwich, stick pony, subway
Flat Color

Your OC as Stickpony
$1.20i made a Stickpony Version of your OC
Size: 640x360 | Tagged: absurd file size, absurd gif size, animated, artist:alexskleinewelt, artist:tokokami, broom, contest, gif, halloween, holiday, night, oc, oc:black cat, safe, witch

I make a sketch of your PC on which I take and animate in front of a green screen. You can choose the background yourself, whether animated or not.
$35.00- additional characters cost 5 € extra. (max 2 per picture)

– shipping the paper pony costs 5 € extra