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2018 Derpibooru Community Collab

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@Creepa-Bot Inc.

Not in the slightest. I'm only familiar with that show from internet memes, and know little about it.

I just think Blue jays are pretty. My favorite bird is actually the Kakapo, they are flightless parrots and do nothing all day except eat and think about sex. But their feather patterns are too complicated to do justice to on an MLP G4 style griffon. My second favorite bird is the African Pied Crow, the smartest avian in the world, but since it's just black and white I'm sure I'd have gotten endless "2egdy4u" responses.

The Blue jay is still a corvid and pretty smart so it seemed like a nice compromise.
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@Wonder Sparkle
Well, two things…

1. It needs to be bigger. The submission guidelines state it needs to be at least 800Px in height, 1200px preferred.

2. The art is a little crude with the rough lines and misplaced tail. If you want, I could help you out and draw your OC for you.
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