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As always this is done without an agenda outside of personal amusement and maybe highlighting a few ships that could do with some more love. Dont take it seriously.

Not one, not two, but three cross generational ships, and I note the one time she's shown genuine interest is relegated to the bottom row.

Pinkie Pie selfcest is not an actual tag, but worked out by filtering and removing selfcest images with her rule63 self or Surprise.
suggestive130947 artist:43roken8 artist:cherivinca257 artist:cloudshadezer068 artist:collaredginger182 artist:evange79 artist:haretrinity337 artist:heavymetalbronyyeah416 artist:karl9788520 artist:kennyklent69 artist:lucy-tan115 artist:lumineko2734 artist:madmax1660 artist:megaimpact29 artist:mickeymonster547 artist:mn27465 artist:mooniearts136 artist:mrscurlystyles644 artist:otterlore242 artist:php1055 artist:raggyrabbit9444 artist:randomlywhimsical35 artist:rwl318 artist:scootiebloom104 artist:shoutingisfun595 artist:ss2sonic396 artist:stoney pony111 artist:technaro52 artist:the weaver1739 artist:thephoebster32 artist:untiltheballoons74 artist:vest372 artist:willdrawforfood1537 artist:zutheskunk edits249 edit121731 edited screencap58711 screencap209065 applejack161347 big macintosh26899 braeburn6027 carrot cake1979 cheese sandwich3703 cup cake3865 derpy hooves48426 discord29197 donut joe760 fluttershy201428 gilda9190 king sombra12980 maud pie11899 minty1151 party favor1445 pinkie pie206013 pokey pierce1294 princess celestia90509 princess luna94868 rainbow dash222530 rarity172516 scootaloo49328 smooze822 soarin'13392 spike75125 surprise2883 trixie63456 twilight sparkle286197 griffon24774 human145229 pony869784 derpibooru6890 applepie750 braepie36 bubble berry1500 bubblepie125 cakepie90 carrotpie94 cheesepie1218 collage1219 dan510 dan pie88 derpypie48 discopie479 doomie pie13 female1273568 flutterpie1389 g36557 gildapie80 groverpie22 humanized95771 incest12551 lesbian91148 lunapie57 male338731 mane seven6088 mane six30140 meta16153 mintypie32 multi-artist collage20 partypie74 pinkie pie gets all the mares16 pinkie pie gets all the stallions40 pinkiedash3243 pinkiejoe48 pinkielestia57 pinkiemac282 pinkiemaud186 pinkieprise28 pinkiespike409 pokeypie273 raripie802 rule 6325277 scootalove1623 scootapie21 self ponidox7433 selfcest2606 shipping186331 shipping chart134 smoozepie17 soarinpie55 sombrapie71 straight126267 tag census28 tags529 trixiepie83 twinkie1698 vinylpie85 wall of tags2596


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #F822
Applepie; best ship name, not so best ship chemistry.

Well yeah, she's the brony darling, very little can be done without her practically front and center.