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safe1723451 artist:discorded379 apple bloom50098 applejack171251 big macintosh28486 earth pony255213 pony983844 brotherhooves social507 :i1583 apple bloom is not amused107 apple siblings328 applejewel664 blowing a kiss312 chest fluff39890 crossdressing9404 female1378125 filly67922 fluffy14387 heart49044 looking at you171490 male378719 mare489288 noblewoman's laugh113 orchard blossom225 stallion111415 this will end in angry countryisms35 unamused16435 unshorn fetlocks26136


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David Dyster

Apple Bloom is wondering why she got roped in to leting them do this.

Applejewel:My word I wish couson Applejack and couson Big Mac were here.

Orchard Blossom:Yes in deed. What do you think couson Apple Bloom.