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safe1613979 artist:droll3304 arizona cow1031 oleander1013 paprika paca774 pom lamb604 tianhuo526 velvet reindeer1179 alpaca846 classical unicorn3817 cow3045 deer4825 lamb489 longma546 reindeer1729 sheep1388 them's fightin' herds3913 calf74 cloven hooves9166 community related3727 fightin' six136 fire10483 leonine tail7475 mane of fire1286 puppy565 red background790 sheep dog19 simple background360505 unicornomicon125


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Draco Dei

Maybe she isn't… maybe she (and the Longma in general) just want to protect the other species…

As a secondary issue that might exist in addition to the above: Who says that some of the predators aren't intelligent enough to find ways of dealing with the flames? If Arizona has a lasso, then might creatures more prone to violence have invented the javelin or some such, with a tip hard and sharp enough to pierce scales.
Duck - quack
Fine Arts - Two hundred uploads with a score of over a hundred (Safe/Suggestive)

Dreading Season 9
Too obvious. If I was going to come up with VAs, here's what I would use.

Los Angeles
Oleander — Grey DeLisle
Velvet — Jennifer Hale
Arizona — Cree Summer
Pom — Kath Soucie
Paprika — Elizabeth Daily
Tianhou — Tara Strong

Oleander — Chiara Zanni
Velvet — Kelly Sheridan
Arizona — Britt Irvin
Pom — Kelly Metzger
Paprika — Tabitha St. Germain
Tianhou — Maryke Hendrikse
Artist -

Toola Roola's No. 1 fan.
Oleander — Tara Strong.
Velvet — Tabitha St. Germain.
Arizona and Tianhuo — Ashleigh Ball.
Pom and Paprika — Andrea Libman.
Background Pony #DBB8
I can easily tell from these who's who.
Oleander: Twilight
Velvet: Rarity
Arizona: Applejack
Pom: Fluttershy
Paprika: Pinkie Pie
Tianhuo: Rainbow Dash