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dead source23371 safe1709259 artist:jittery-the-dragon136 spike78876 twilight sparkle300676 alicorn224993 pony970373 :|394 adorkable3533 alphys64 anime5554 crazy face952 crossover62338 cute200228 dork3805 eye contact6508 faic12344 female1365723 floppy ears52431 fluffy14267 frisk205 frown22945 grin38663 mare482023 nerd959 otaku45 smiling249304 sweat26432 twilight snapple2045 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123818 undertale1728 wide eyes17073


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Background Pony #4954
How has the multiverse not exploded yet!!? There’re nerdiness it’s outdated meme
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Background Pony #C049
its finely happening the promie 1000000 years made hads come to pass the time has come eqestria and the undergound are mine!
Since the Beginning  -

Salt Miner.
@Background Pony #5C90
Except Twily isn't a salty cunt made to pander to fans of The Big Bang Theory. Undertale fans need to stop trying to blend in.

Nothing about this post reflects reality in any way.

Anon, you need some meds for those delusions you're having.