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safe (1489363) artist:ambassad0r (328) applejack (152686) fluttershy (190185) pinkie pie (195077) rainbow dash (210294) rarity (162625) spike (70945) twilight sparkle (270011) cat (4758) crocodile (234) dog (7838) owl (764) rabbit (3804) tortoise (455) turtle (397) angelshy (222) appledog (61) bunnified (125) bunnyshy (286) catified (343) comic (94537) dogified (231) female (813711) gatorfied (16) gummy pie (13) interspecies (19403) male (277141) mane seven (5153) mane six (27575) palette swap (1066) pet (1725) rainbow tank (7) raricat (162) raritessance (5) shipping (172324) species swap (16743) straight (114038) twilight sparkowl (14) vector (68945) winonajack (7)


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Background Pony #0077
Trixie: enters the library through a window “It is I, the Great and Powerful!…” pauses upon seeing Twilight and her friends as their own pets “Trixie? Uhh. How did this happen to you and your followers, Sparkle? And why is your dragon pet still his normal self?”

Twilight: “First of all, Trixie: Spike is my assistant, not my pet! And second of all: I accidentally turned myself and my friends into our pets’ species!”

Spike: 😄

Trixie: “May Trixie join your laughing party, dragon?”

Spike: (German accent) “Ja!”

Trixie: receives the invitation to laugh along with Spike

Twilight: groans over Spike and Trixie’s laughter

Pinkie: ”Can we still party?”

/Sigh. Spike take a letter.

Heeey Princess Celestia… How you been.

I've been great, well except one teeny tiny thing, you see…