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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
I could tell you a story, kid, but… well, I can’t promise it’s gonna be an exciting one. It’s about this guy I knew. Just an ordinary guy.

He never did anything big or great or dramatic. All he ever seemed to do was his job. He’d go out, work, come home, sleep, then start the cycle all over again. Day in and day out, that was it.

So I asked him one day, "You trudge out there into those fields, you plow them, and then you go home. Doesn’t anybody ever thank you for all the hard work you do?"

And he says to me, "They don’t have to thank me. All the have to do is be there for me when I get back. That’s the best thanks I could ever get."

It took me a bit to understand it, but once I did, that was when I really understood the meaning of the word "hero".

You see, I never had anybody like that in my life. I never had someone who would trade the sweat off their brow and the blood in their veins just so they could see a simple smile once they got home.

The man was a hero. And… well, without ever doing a single thing for me, I think he might’a been my hero too. The world needs more heroes. And not just the crime fighters or anything of the like… just… simple heroes.

He died a broken, penniless death, but the smile on his face when he closed his eyes said everything. He didn’t care if he had nothing but the shirt on his back. To him, the family that he came home to every evening made him feel like the richest fella who ever walked the face of this unfair Earth.

Yeah, we need more heroes like that. We do.

[Drinks a pint of gin and cries]
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I’m the eldest of 3, but i’ve had to remain at home to take care of things, mainly my disabled youngest brother who is mentally only ever 6 years old (he’s over 20). Middle sibling has a car, a successful job, a steady girlfriend/fiance, and I’m at home, doin chores, helping out the way I can. Nothing special, no one’s hero.

Every once in a while I do something stupid to get Middle Sibling’s attention, prove I got talent or be their hero, even for one day…
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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

no no no, the subversion was that they did win, but no show ever brings up misconduct on part of the protagonists. they always have everyone just happy the guy won, or he doesn’t win but learns a valuable lesson about friendship. my jaw straight out dropped when they actually took mac to task for pushing everypony aside and dragging his sister around like a limp noodle.

"aw, they won? I guess the writers are going to screw up the moral again—wait what?!"
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #DF7B
Can’t see why that would be happening. An episode in a cartoon where a male character dresses up as a woman is a staple of the genre, but the great thing about this episode is, even though it was set up to follow all the tropes, it subverted all of them.

– nobody is fooled by the disguise (apart from the old pony)
– nobody cares, or makes a fuss about it
– the gambit doesn’t work, even though Big Mac uses his real strength, which, in most shows, would result in a roaring applause
– they don’t win, PERIOD, no award and no acknowledgement from the other ponies, and most of all, the judge isn’t portrayed as someone who shouts "OH MY, MOST UNORTHODOX!"

The only thing that’s left intact is the speech at the end, and even that is made great by Peter New’s FANTASTIC performance.

In short, this is one of those episodes I can point to anyone and say "and that’s why I watch My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic"

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Background Pony #9006
Season 5 seems to be the season of surprise emotional depth. We finally catch up to Moondancer years after Twilight brushed off her party, and discover how much Twilight missing that one event hurt her. Luna comes to Twilight and her friends for help, and we learn she still hasn’t forgiven herself for her past actions as Nightmare Moon. And now, at the end of a mostly comedic episode, Big Mac suddenly reveals that his biggest desire in life is just to be his little sister’s hero again.

I like this trend. It’s refreshing to see, and I honestly hope we get more of it.
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Background Pony #7141
Kinda irks me that, with a touching, introspective moment like this in this episode, some people are getting more bent out of shape on Mac pulling a Bugs Bunny
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