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"Gonna get lucky tonight!"
safe1750186 screencap227280 mulberry silk8 rosetta42 showtime15 earth pony265810 pony1010254 brotherhooves social507 :o3889 animated100811 chair7106 clothes475884 cute205663 discovery family1005 discovery family logo11740 female1401629 grin40901 hat90318 head tilt1073 jewelry68195 looking at you175633 looking up17131 male387936 mare502054 necklace20376 old378 open mouth154256 pearl necklace1412 pencil3773 sitting65579 smiling260836 stallion115700 table9513


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Background Pony #016E
1) That's a dude
2) Even if that was a woman, she'd still be out of your league
Background Pony #712A
…anyone else reminded of sad hoshi from game grumps? even a little bit?