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suggestive145593 edit134267 edited screencap66233 screencap224490 dean cadance1150 princess cadance32811 princess celestia95891 princess luna99971 principal celestia3554 sci-twi24672 twilight sparkle303271 vice principal luna2547 equestria girls203330 friendship games12702 clothes467644 crystal prep academy uniform3414 female1382525 magic capture device375 panties50890 panty shot809 school uniform7338 skirt40409 skirt flip220 skirt lift4777 striped underwear3019 underwear61707 underwear edit1481 upskirt5972


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This is actually less lewd than the original, since she originally wasn't wearing any panties.
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how come we always see boys in underwear more often in cartoons than Panty Shots?
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Star vs. the Forces of Evil (which is a more recent series aimed at a similar demographic) had some panty shots. One from a little girl no less.
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Inuyasha's a completely different genre. It's based on a comic, it's a lot more realistic, both in terms of characters and style, and it's geared towards an older target demographic. Kinda like how there are panty shots in Doraemon and Tiny Toons Adventures and even one or two in Pokemon, it's a lot more innocent, so nobody reads anything into it, and yet you don't get that in PG-13 or R-rated action movies.

I'm not surprised they didn't show her panties in this scene, I would have been as surprised as anyone if they had, but they could have, and if they'd really wanted to keep it safe, they wouldn't have given her such a flighty skirt in the first place.

Ever see the anime Inuyasha? The character Kagome was always wearing a short Japanese schoolgirl outfit, but as it was written, it was mad a point to NEVER show he underwear. I'd be very surprised if anyone ended up finding anything in this movie. They have zero reason to add anything like that in. And besides, they know how this fandom is. The edits will come.
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I am amazed i haven't framed through this scene yet… that skirt rose AWFULLY high. Almost to the level of the panties… It is without question everyone seen her panties.

That's just it though, we can't predict when something's going to kick off a moral panic, and Hasbro can't either, nor can they predict when the fandom's reaction is going to outweigh any bad publicity. That's why they pulled Derpy but put her back in when the logistics of it became clear (that people buy Derpy toys faster than moms can boycott them).

Besides these movies are ads for fashion dolls, and other glorified ads like Monster High have shown as much skin. The sluttiness levels are off the chart in this genre, and the main demographic that would object is already boycotting brands like Bratz and Monster High.
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Nobody but people looking for it would have noticed.

Do you even know what "Concernocrats" are? All it takes is one mom to notice, blowup on Facebook about it, Hasbro hears, turns to DHX Media and starts raising Hell. Trust me, it's better that they avoid this shit. Look how much trouble was caused over Derpy being acknowledged in one episode.

Honestly they could have done this for real, just for one or two frames. Nobody but people looking for it would have noticed, and it's not unprecedented in cartoons anyway, even current ones with a human cast, e.g., Pokemon. What they gave us is already fetish fuel, and they know it.
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I know they want to avoid showing panties in the EQG films, but come on, this scene was ridiculous! They barely got away with not showing Twilight's undies here.

Good edit BTW, to whoever made this.