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Artist - kibate

@Background Pony #1EEC
how would she be a cannibal, unless she eats horse meat? Maybe by extension cows as well, but there are several animals in equestria that are simply animals, like pigs(thus would be totally okay to eat). And not only that, as we have seen sunset ride a normal horse before which looked like a typical horse unlike the horses and ponies in equestria, it's fair to assume that to the MLP ponies the realworld ponies would look like apes look like to us humans, aka just animals that are very far off cousins on the evolutionary chain, meaning even eating horse meat wouldn't be a cannibal act for her(even in her pony form)
Also we humans are made of meat too and eat meat and only a tiny minority has a problem with that.
Also a bit of wisdom: While there are animals who are strictly herbivores, horses DO are able to eat meat, it's just not part of their usual diet.

but ignoring all of that, everyone, even the humans in the equestrian girls universe, are vegetarian, all the burgers etc. we have seen them eat are vegi. Probably even the tacos.
Background Pony #7E8E
What I mean is that she might looks like a human but she isn't.
In "The Science of Magic" she said at first "hooves" instead of "hands" and in the movie you can see that she still cares about Equestria. That's why I don't think that she sees herself as human, but more as pony that got use to human life.
It's similar as if you would move to an other country. You would get used to the differnt lifestyle and culture, but never forget from where you actual came from.
That's why it would be weird if she would eat meat, she would be kinda like a cannibal…especially when she eats horsemeat.
Background Pony #7E8E
You can say what you want, but Sunset is a vegetarian. Otherwise it would be really weird and disturbing.

I'm seeing tomato and cucumber, possibly mayonnaise or Swiss cheese. The bread's kind of grayish, if I'm not mistaken: some sort of health food, maybe millet or spelt.

Is this the first time we've seen Sunset eat on-camera?