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safe1577592 artist:anima-dos126 artist:duo cartoonist68 artist:lionheartcartoon105 nightmare moon16071 alicorn195697 bat pony43527 bat pony alicorn1543 pony847399 the moon rises45 animated92090 bat wings5968 bedroom eyes51617 castle1667 crown14020 cute177866 ethereal mane6664 evil laugh383 eyeshadow13092 fangs22193 female900994 flapping684 gif27963 grin33054 laughing7121 looking at you144262 makeup17699 mare416428 moonabetes279 moonbat22 open mouth123392 raised eyebrow6196 raised hoof39369 redesign1718 slit eyes4098 smiling215495 smirk10947 smooth as butter40 solo974487 spread wings47921 unshorn fetlocks22243


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