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Dark lord of the sith
@The Frowning Pony
I wish to apologize for the violation of rule 7.
I am merely frustrated with the number of "fans" with such perverted thoughts. they just seem to be everywhere on this site
and sure filters, but that won’t change the fact that their there
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Yet One More Idiot

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World's biggest idiot xD
Tummy wubs are cutest wubs, especially when the one giving the wubs and the one receiving the wubs are one and the same Sunny-sun. :D
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The Frowning Pony
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It's a MLP booru, dude
Your constitutional right to not have your freedom of speech impeded by the government means nothing on privately owned venues, particularly those owned and maintained outside of the US.

You, and everyone replying directly, should follow the site rules; this is not the image to be discussing topics above the Safe rating. This is the only warning I’m giving.
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It’s basic internet etiquette. you don’t respond to comments more than a few weeks old because it’s very likely that the person who made them is no longer around/doesn’t care anymore. you’d get called out on that kind of thing literally everywhere on the internet.
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