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Meet Knight Shine! Son of Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer (birth mother). Young brother to Flambe, Knight Shine is the second child to the poly parents~ He's a royal guard to Twilight, which also gave me a opportunity to try and design armor for Twilight's future guard. (all the Princesses got 'em, so she would too, eventually, right?) He's very rigid and even a bit neurotic at times, giving him a good place in being a strategist for the guard. He's still, however, a bit of the family black sheep, since he avidly avoids making friends and getting to know other ponies. Twilight insists it'll fade eventually, just like it did for her, he just doesn't seem interested. It's not that he doesn't have them at all, but he doesn't seem it's something to put any kind of real focus on.

Fun facts:
Knight's best friend is his older sister, Flambe
Despite being the younger of the two, Knight was and is overprotective of Flambe due to her gender identity and evasion of other ponies.
Knight is closer to his uncle than his father, for one secret reason
Knight is a gooey romantic underneath all the gruff and loves sing cheesy sappy lovey pop songs when he's alone.


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