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Just a little compilation of Next Gen sketches~~~

1. My VinylTavia kid~ He’s currently unnamed but he’s a dfab transstallion~

2. Concept for Shetani’s pony form. She prefers the zebra look to the average pony look.

3. Eventually, Mochi wants to have a baby. In my canon, there are various ways samesex couples can have kids. Curry’s mothers chose the potion route, where no gender is changed but instead a potion is brewed there a little bit of each of them (a hair or a feather) is added in, and the one who’s going to carry drinks the potion. Only a pony with a womb can go this way. Mochi and Curry decide to go the magical sex change route, and Curry is turned into a stallion. She still identifies as being female, but she chose this way of going this way so she could get an idea if there’s an actual bodily difference in approach based on sex, that she could use in her comic. Mochi very much approves of stallion Curry.

4. Trying to think of older concepts of the princesses, this time Luna.

5. Just Nymph and Hyacinth being cute. I like the idea of the child of the most vain ponies in the canon falling for the one many would call a monster, even though she’s just a scared little buggle.
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