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It has been ten years since we fought against him. I don't know why I went back. Back beyond the mountains of the south, into old Alicornia or Tambelon as it was called in its final years, after Grogar took over and twisted its inhabitants into caricatures of their former selves. We came to call them Changelings. The Land was weatherd and dry. The only shades in the burning heat of the midday sun was offered by old, dead, crooked trees, but they were scarce and nothing seemed to live here.

On the horizont i could already see it, a dark spec in the shimmering air, The City of Tambelon, Grogras old fortress. Carved out of the very stone of the foundation it stands on. The massives doors of the fortress lay broken down. the harsh winds and the heat has started to tear the city down. I walked aimlessly through the Halls of Tambelon in search for something but i did not know what it was. at last my gaze fell on a massive oak door. I was like something was drawing me towards it. Beyond the door was a flight of stars leading down into the darkness. the steps were wet from the moisture in the air. It was cold down there.

Finally a dim light appeared in front of me and what I saw as I got closer made me stop in my tracks. Three pillars of stone were going up to the celling, that was hidden in the darkness out of my sight. But what captured my gaze was the crystaline sturctures at the base. Beyond the clear crystal in a glowing liquid were three foal, for the lack of a better term. At first I thought they were Shoobadoo, or better know as seaponies. But a closer look made me realize that they were not. Were they a creation of Grogar? How long have the been down here incased in the pillars, they must have been preserved here for at least ten years…
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Maybe shoobadoo is the name the seaponies use for themselves and shoobeedoo as in their song is the plural form or something like that, and seapony is what the three tribes called them later, and hippocampus is the word scientist came up with.

trust me I'm a scientist, i have a diplome from the dr. Insano collage