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Manys ponies !!!!
(High Res.)
safe (1377152)artist:mmishee (23)apple bloom (41878)applejack (142527)big macintosh (24410)derpy hooves (45029)discord (25796)dj pon-3 (26217)doctor whooves (9232)fluttershy (177496)pinkie pie (182814)princess cadance (27243)princess celestia (81220)princess luna (85823)queen chrysalis (28012)rainbow dash (197311)rarity (151716)scootaloo (45195)shining armor (19415)sunset shimmer (48032)sweetie belle (42346)time turner (9188)trixie (53914)twilight sparkle (250826)vinyl scratch (30315)3d glasses (199)alicorn (153000)alicorn tetrarchy (939)annoyed (3938)apple (12147)bat pony (33849)bat pony oc (9018)bat wings (2448)bipedal (26228)changeling (29851)compilation (440)cutie mark (31306)cutie mark crusaders (15468)design (381)earth pony (134062)female (710073)floating (2814)flutterbat (5897)flying (28108)grin (26419)hooves (13730)horn (20832)lineless (2800)looking at you (113999)male (240917)mane six (25043)mare (311025)pegasus (172806)pony (649778)race swap (10179)raised hoof (30064)rearing (4180)sitting (43772)solo (846951)spread wings (39108)stallion (67107)sunglasses (10871)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96863)underhoof (39660)unicorn (184742)walking (3246)wings (47682)


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From the source…

By BoneSatellite: "I would rather not put into words how much I hate this. Every single main and supporting character in the series—literally every single one, even background characters—and you still forgot to draw Spike. Even after including non-ponies, male characters, and children. And two Fluttershys. This is one of the most effective representations I’ve seen all month of the one and only thing I hate about this fanbase."

You mean apart from… Soarin’, Spitfire, Thunderlane, Lyra, BonBon, Octavia, Flitter, Clouckicker, Cloudchaser, Blossomforth, Snowflake, Roseluck, Bubble Berry, Caramel, Noteworthy, Lucky, Daisy, Dinky, Dimaond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Sea Swirl, Pokey Pierce, Ponet, Filthy Rich, Hoity Toity, Fleur de Lis, Fancy Pants, the Cakes, Grtanny Smith, Rumble, etc.
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Downvote Addict
Instead of making really stupid comments waiting for someone to ask you who’s missing, in an obvious attempt for attention. How about you just come out and say it?

There are characters I like a lot not included here too, but that doesn’t take away from how nice this is. And I’m not so selfish that I’d act like it was wrong of the artist to not include them.

Oh, oh wait.

It’s Spike!.. And now I feel bad. He does get ignored a bit too much. Not to sound racist, But its probably partly because he’s not a pony. Discord gets away with it for being most people’s favourite character.
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Y’know, these would be perfect for the backs of cards for a ’Solitaire’ game.

…brings to mind the "Sailor Moon" solitaire games of yore:

Ah, good times.
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The Anti-Normies
where the hell that came from? nobody here is attacking the artist, i checked the DA and there is nothing here too, your comment seems completely out of place.
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