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Hadn't seen this masterpiece posted here yet
safe1678938 artist:ardail291 earth pony238598 pony941409 body pillow3575 body pillow design2329 crossover61126 cute195671 dock48497 epona513 eponadorable58 featureless crotch6756 female1338337 fluffy13924 looking at you163540 mare467603 mouth hold17076 nibbling264 nom3030 on back23961 on side6611 ponified40345 smiling240941 solo1045257 the legend of zelda3555 triforce245 underhoof50763


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That's suspiciously effective photographic memory — most of the placement markers are nearly identical.

I subconsciously plagiarize some things, though it's usually my own work and my brain mirrors it. Look at this though.

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Touch Fluffy Tail
Bah, what are poses now considered property of an artist now? as long as you drew the picture yourself than it's your work, doesn't matter if it took inspiration from another drawing!
Background Pony #B150
I think this might need another artist tag, considering the pose on the left is blatantly pulled from here:

From ardail's Deviantart:
"I posed the her just like this image without actually realizing it, I blame it on a photographic memory and seeing staring at this picture a lot.
I swear that I didn't even realize that I had copied it until it was pointed out to me, I felt severely sick to my stomach and had a bit of minor panic attack because it was only after I had spent a full night color with no sleep that it was brought to my attention and I don't want this to tarnish my reputation of being an honest guy.
tries to prepare for the backlash of my mistake"