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This piece is one of a kind, and is being donated to the EquestriaLA Charity auction
This wind up pocket watch measures approximately 2 inches in ratio, and has a high polish gold plated finish. When opened, it has a skeleton dial, so you can see the workings of its 17 jewel movement. It comes with a belt clip attached to a 14 inch chain. Engraved on the front of the watch is an image of the Mane 6 + Spike. On the back of the watch, there are 51 total autographs!

Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, M.A. Larson, G.M. Berrow are included amongst these signatures. The other 46 are from talented and well known brony artists, musicians, broadcaster, And so on.
safe (1448323)artist:abbystarling (179)artist:aleximusprime (1204)artist:amandkyo-su (47)artist:atryl (1955)artist:berrypawnch (127)artist:centchi (486)artist:chibi-jen-hen (54)artist:coltsteelstallion (160)artist:dustysculptures (95)artist:egophiliac (2128)artist:fetchbeer (78)artist:glittering-pony (24)artist:happykittyshop (9)artist:johnjoseco (4225)artist:kp-shadowsquirrel (989)artist:mauroz (419)artist:nazegoreng (147)artist:otakuap (378)artist:perler-pony (14)artist:pixelkitties (1151)artist:scrwloose (8)artist:spikefiremane (25)artist:toxic-mario (421)artist:tsitra360 (1079)artist:veggie55 (255)artist:viistar (129)artist:whitedove-creations (118)artist:zutheskunk (186)screwball (1380)andrea libman (453)autograph (340)bejoty (1)buttons (207)calpain (78)charity (196)craft (3579)cutie corral (7)dustykatt (59)eilemonty (58)engraving (188)equestria la (151)foalpapers (1)george washington (25)g.m. berrow (123)ibeconcept (1)jessi nowack (6)jewelry (40372)m.a. larson (584)mic check (1)mylittleties (8)nowacking (28)pocket watch (255)purple tinker (50)quarter (8)robcakeran53 (3)sethisto (181)signature (15158)solrac (38)sonya hipper (1)tara strong (1118)the brony chef (1)

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