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Correct order of >>969414
safe1638504 artist:rwl319 fluttershy205575 pinkie pie209839 twilight sparkle291637 alicorn210915 earth pony223794 pegasus265670 pony904180 blushing186314 bush2482 bushicorn133 comic104650 female1304349 flutterpie1412 happy29468 heart45444 kiss on the cheek1627 kissing23437 lesbian93045 mare449302 ot3440 polyamory6501 question mark4256 sad23454 shipper on deck1405 shipping191441 sweat24701 twilight bushel70 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119898 twinkie1729 twishy1252 twishypie15 wingding eyes20659


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(Twilight has little Fluttershy hearts at the end not for being in love with her exactly) (but because when someone makes someone you love really happy) (it's hard not to love them a little too for that)