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"Here is my first Art Collaboration done with . Conicer figured it would be an interesting concept if somepony were to discover gravity, and what better way than by the way Sir Issac Newton discovered it himself? _ It was quite an enjoyable experience drawing this one out! Talk about your fancy mathematics Applejack."

"I think that apple hit you a little too hard on the head AJ, theres no way something like that could exist!"
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There’s 3 explanations
1. There world is completely different for the real one and is geocentric
2. The princesses are bullshitting everyone with there crap about controlling the sun and moon and that’s just a power thing
3.they control there planets ROTATION rather than the actual celestial objects associated with it giving the illusion of such
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It has been proven in season 4 that magic is needed to make the sun and moon travel. Considering they only move the sun up in the morning, and moving it down in the evening, the sun and moon must be static during the day/night. Their planet is probably flat.

Their laws of physics just don’t have to be the same as ours.
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Comments70 comments posted