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safe1616568 artist:tonyfleecs1418 idw14665 pinkie pie207586 spike75780 twilight sparkle288423 alicorn206256 bat pony45051 bat pony alicorn1783 pony884386 night of the living apples102 spoiler:comic10302 spoiler:comic3388 comic103385 female1286819 glow4040 glowing eyes10344 magic68479 magic drain129 mare439803 meteor166 official comic2458 party cannon1701 pinkiebat166 speech bubble21215 trio7738 twibat150 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118426


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #2E95
So Twilight can absorb power of four alicorns to fight against Tirek, but can't beat a bunch of apples or absorb leftovers of magic which resulted in battle between Celestia and Luna?
Background Pony #5F97
Hm would be a bit of a weak explanation, but at least it would be explained. Here it's just: "I can't absorb it", and that's it.
Background Pony #CC60
Though the concept is pretty cool, it's still weird Twilight couldn't absorb all of that magic. We've seen her absorb the magic of three alicorns before, so why not little bits of Celestia and Nightmare Moon? Plotholes will be plotholes I guess.