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safe (1460745)artist:tonyfleecs (1272)idw (13331)fluttershy (187478)mustachioed apple (29)pinkie pie (192383)rainbow dash (207283)rarity (160505)spike (70017)twilight sparkle (265726)bat pony (37157)pony (725998)spoiler:comic (9345)spoiler:comic33 (86)apple (13329)apple monster (20)bat ponified (1665)comic (92409)female (787907)flutterbat (6176)living apple (97)mare (352478)night of the living apples (92)official comic (1939)pinkiebat (151)race swap (11322)rainbowbat (162)raribat (129)speech bubble (17295)sweet apple acres (2219)sweet apple acres barn (56)twibat (136)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105206)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #2805
A very short, pudgy, wide eyed, chubby cheeked infant dragon yeah…you’re right. I don’t know how intimidating most people find that though.
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Hey, think of the apples as cells coming together to become an entire creature, and besides, I think the only monster they could think of in their seed sized brains was Spike despite being attacked constantly by vampires.
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Background Pony #DB42
So the evil living apples, in a bid to defeat the vampire ponies, come together to form a giant Spike made of apples?

The editors did read this before they approved it, right?
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