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safe (1462953)artist:tonyfleecs (1274)idw (13353)fluttershy (187743)bat (1542)bat pony (37274)fruit bat (276)pony (727810)vampire fruit bat (152)spoiler:comic (9368)spoiler:comic33 (86)animal (2519)comic (92572)female (789554)flutterbat (6182)flying (30762)full moon (2545)mare (353520)moon (19429)night of the living apples (92)official comic (1946)race swap (11344)speech bubble (17331)


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In part 1, they specifically call out that by bringing around FBat, she could talk to the vampire fruit bats without problems, but that at that point in the story, the apples were blocking any access to their sanctuary at SAA.
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I was expecting Flutterbat to escape and either: make the problem even worse, or solve it unwittingly by eating a lot of the Apples herself.

So I was pleasantly surprised that she not only took control of herself but also got the vampire bats to help her.

This scene looks really nice too, with the moon as the backdrop. Props to Fleecs for this visual.
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