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I Slowly opened the door to my study. It was already past noon, didn't she tell me yesterday she was so excited to learn a new piece of the arcane arts? There she was. She sat near the kitchen window. The sunlight fell though the open window, and dust could be seen, dancing in the soft breeze, that entered our small home. I could see her from the hallway. Aria was always the quiet one of the three. Sonata was to always optimistic but airheaded and Adagio… Adagio was Adagio.
I was about to Walk over to her and ask, if she lost interest but then Sonata came into the kitchen floating to her older sister.
"Hey RIA!", she shouted in her usual happy voice. "Hello Sonata.", came the monotone answer from Aria. "DAGI AND I WANT TO GO TO THE POND TO SWIM! YOU WANT TO COME WITH US!?"
"No I can't I'm grounded", said the purple siren. Grounded? When did I ground her? and for what?
"AGAIN!? For what? You got grounded quiet often this last month… now that I think about it?" "That's
none of your buisness."
"Ok then. I Daddy searches us you know where we are!", and with that Sonata was gone through the door and left for the pond. As her sister had left, aria looked to her left and her right to make sure nopony could hear or see her and floated towards the Hallway.

"So You are grounded? Did I drink a memory-erasing potion by accident again, or is there something you like to tell me?", I said as she entered the hallway. she looked away with a slight blush on the face. her purple skin made it hard to see but it was there. "You should not lie to your sisters…"
"It's just…" she began, " I don't want them to know,… that i like learning…"

It was always the same with her. she was the smartest of the three but did not like to show it, probably because Adagio would never stop teasing her with it. "So you coming? we are already behinde scedule, that is if you still want to watch me brew the Cloud-Walking-Potion."

"OF COURSE I WANT TO FATHER!", she shouted. "Than… what are we waiting for. And I there is still time we could go on with the alicorns One-times-one. Of one make ten, the two let be…", i began, Aria smiled and continued: "Make even Three, There's wealth for thee." and she floated past me towards my study the smile stil on her face, an expression one only saw so rarely on her.

Excerpt: Starswirls lost, secret diary
safe1748884 artist:westphalianartist40 aria blaze10015 star swirl114 star swirl the bearded2050 siren2174 equestria girls206680 rainbow rocks18532 backstory153 beard3787 bells388 cauldron1157 cloak4444 clothes475308 dark background979 description story13 disney2599 father and daughter2684 floating4114 fog923 foster dad3 foster father4 glowing horn20486 headcanon2370 levitation12540 lighting397 magic75313 magic aura4628 mist224 potion2224 story included9529 teacher969 teaching185 the black cauldron10 vapor19 young1640 younger17752


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