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safe1728209 artist:hioshiru1010 rainbow dash236301 pegasus300463 pony988428 bed41630 cute203033 daaaaaaaaaaaw4521 dashabetes9519 female1382458 fluffy14437 grin39686 heart49221 hnnng2465 looking up16841 mare491599 mouth hold17774 prone25944 smiling254556 solo1078817 spread wings55791


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Background Pony #08EE
Dash: Are now you like me senpai?
Mane 5 with Starlight Glimmer and Spike: laughing
Dash: What?
Applejack: Ah can't belive ya said that!
Dash: Said what?
Rarity: imitating Dash Are now you like me senpai? laughing so hard
Dash: This is why I can't show my soft side in public.