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This is my primary OC Radium Glow. She is the female version of my quad pedal OC Nuclear Light (yet to be posted). Just as with his back story, she was just a pegasus working in a top secret facility generating power for the ponies near Cloudsdale using Uraponium 235 when the third reactor went critical. She was trapped inside when the magical radiation shield kicked in, forcing her to absorb large doses of the non-lethal element. In turn, she grew a horn, but the only magical abilities that she has is being a glorified night light and short range teleportation, flight was left unaffected. After being examined by Celestia's personal doctors, she was deemed healthy and unharmed by the accident. She retired from the facility to live out her life enjoying every moment that she can.
safe1750861 artist:alushythetyrant79 oc712130 oc only465592 oc:radium glow3 alicorn232941 object pony776 original species26589 anthro269614 3d80356 alicorn oc27635 anthro oc30769 big breasts86038 breasts288756 collar34550 cuffs4662 element pony90 female1402196 glowing eyes11585 glowing mane466 glowing tail78 glowing wings109 mutation174 nose chains15 piercing43119 ponified42005 radioactive206 second life948 solo1094579 trotsdale20 uraponium radiation1 wing bows3


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