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safe1600690 artist:mauroz581 rarity172477 spike75103 sweetie belle46949 twilight sparkle286147 human145195 clothes419763 dress40606 eyes closed82790 female1273259 hug25818 humanized95748 male338598 my little pony logo3459 plushie22319 shipping186298 smiling221156 spikebelle731 straight126246 sweatdrop2826


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Conspiracy maker
Twilight's face is kinda scary to me. It looks like she likes this… too much. Like bad touch level want.
Background Pony #502A
Sweetie Belle: "Thanks for the great time, Spike!" (hugs)
Spike: "The things I do for love."
Twilight Sparkle: "Aww, aren't they cute, Rarity?"
Rarity: (gritted teeth) "Yes, they most certainly are."