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safe (1342183)artist:mauroz (349)rarity (148388)spike (62695)sweetie belle (41658)twilight sparkle (245776)clothes (328040)dress (32341)eyes closed (62083)female (681703)hug (20926)human (122520)humanized (85687)male (230802)my little pony logo (2812)plushie (18499)shipping (151267)smiling (167415)spikebelle (556)straight (102206)sweatdrop (1743)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

(Previously known as brujo_chilote)

Ow the edge
Seeing some spikebelle stuff on this comic would be great, I love how they look in this style.
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Background Pony #9A1A
Sweetie Belle: "Thanks for the great time, Spike!" (hugs)
Spike: "The things I do for love."
Twilight Sparkle: "Aww, aren’t they cute, Rarity?"
Rarity: (gritted teeth) "Yes, they most certainly are."
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