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The key to a healthy morale is a lot like being good with money. Half of it relies on striving to achieve more. The other half is about desiring fewer unnecessary things.
safe (1430814)artist:beavernator (860)pinkie pie (189226)alicorn (164003)pony (699394)absurd resolution (61385)alicornified (3714)alternate hairstyle (21301)balloon (8842)bed (31041)element of laughter (550)hair over eyes (703)head tilt (849)pinkiecorn (420)race swap (10925)smiling (183508)solo (877034)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2073)


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Hair too anime.

That aside, I shall wholeheartedly embrace our descent into never-ending, all-consuming laughterpartiessmileshugslaughterpartiessmileshugs.
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Comments29 comments posted