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safe (1430755)artist:bluse (386)cheerilee (8819)princess celestia (83726)oc (525918)bag on head (30)balloon (8841)cake (7943)cakelestia (923)cookie (2909)disguise (3134)female (761313)filly (50617)foal (12416)fork (704)glass of water (89)literal paper thin disguise (2)paper bag (686)paper-thin disguise (107)seems legit (727)signature (14903)table (7043)water (9865)


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I think I need to get my eyes checked, I swear that looks like Princess Celestia…
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Then again, maybe people are just humoring her, because it’s basically impossible for her to go out and have fun like a normal person.

Well, not including the one time.

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Who was that mysterious masked mare? We may never know. But the so called "Knight of Flours" was the victor of yet another cake eating contest.
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