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Pink Ponka Love
dead source19690 safe1587489 artist:mostazathy405 pinkie pie204596 oc611927 oc:anon11412 earth pony203347 human143982 pony855038 animated92539 clothes413808 cute180520 diapinkes8819 eyes closed81177 female916112 grin33368 heart43601 human male6296 kiss on the cheek1499 kissing22664 leaning3198 male309282 mare420496 self insert722 smiling218085 smooch244


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Wow, took long enough for this to be uploaded, I'm guessing because everyone was too lazy to convert from webm to gif.
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Pinkie. *Mua!* Pinkie. *Mua!* Pinkie. *Mua!* What. *Mua!* Are. *Mua!* You. *Mua!* Doing. *Mua!* Pinkie. *Mua!* I don't. *Mua!* have. *Mua!* a mou— *Mua!* —th… *Mua!* PINKIE. *Mua!* STAHP! *Mua!*
Background Pony #0369
We were all thinking it!! Don't lie. Gummy that lucky croc, gets kisses from Ms. Diane. <3 What I'd give to kiss Pinkie.