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safe (1425389)artist:pikapetey (490)king sombra (11666)sweetie belle (43755)human (130457)a heart for sweetie belle (11)animated (84525)behaving like a cat (1575)brony (2511)brony stereotype (154)clothes (354562)crushed (91)fat (17580)fedora (697)hat (64474)hug (22549)kissing (19999)looney tunes (366)neckbeard (215)pepe le pew (25)ponies the anthology v (63)stereotype (185)struggle snuggle (11)struggling (672)that pony sure does love stairs (26)


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Also, fairly accurate stereotype of most bronies, i’d say.

Don’t you spout hateful messages of my bronies! They get raped on the internets everyday by haters and anti-brony rapists!
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Comments46 comments posted