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Because the urge to draw something Valentines-day related was too tempting and I wanted to throw some ideas on the tablet. XD
suggestive (106587)artist:mickeymonster (524)angel bunny (8084)applejack (140640)bon bon (13995)discord (25627)fluttershy (175355)gilda (8239)lyra heartstrings (25134)pinkie pie (180527)princess celestia (80033)princess luna (84680)rainbow dash (195097)rarity (149481)rover (917)spike (63474)sweetie drops (13986)twilight sparkle (247772)zecora (7601)angelshy (209)appledash (4724)bondage (25376)crack shipping (3025)diamond dog (2906)discopie (437)female (694506)gildash (322)gildashy (101)griffon (19841)hug (21216)interspecies (17511)lasso (1034)lesbian (75703)lyrabon (2614)male (234981)monochrome (129784)ot3 (412)rainbond dash (335)rovarity (9)shipping (153534)sketch dump (2375)sparity (5596)straight (103403)tied up (3604)tsundere (2258)twiluna (1499)valentine (1267)zebra (12496)zelestia (7)


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Background Pony #173D
Rarity and dimond Dog I Ship it
Fluttershy and angle bunny I Ship it
And last but not least
Lyra and bon bon I Ship it
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Background Pony #9C90
First one’s a bit off: Rarity would marry the Smooze for a rock like that.

Also Zelestia is apparently a thing that is real.
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Comments22 comments posted