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My oc that I created with General Zoi’s pony creator


not provided yet


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@Background Pony #9DF5  
I’m flattered, really. But as to problems where nobody tells you what’s wrong, I have to contest that you’ll usually only wind up in a situation like that if you’re not asking anybody who can tell you what’s wrong. People don’t mind telling you what you did wrong if they can figure out what it is, usually. It’s just that it’s much easier to look at something and say that something feels ‘off’ about it than it is to figure out what that something is.
Background Pony #97F7
Best instructions ever for OCs. I recommend.
It’s not always enough! You can carefully follow those instructions and still get a hated OC. (And nobody will tell you what’s wrong, then, of course)

A badly done ponysona, at that. A good ponysona should still be easily distinguishable from a  
@Beta Bookworm  
Bbjail has the right idea; what you’ve got to do is try to keep things simple, because it’s much easier to add things later (if consensus is that your character’s too boring) than it is to take things away.
Just start with a coat color–one that works well on a pony, ideally (read: a pastel, rather than a bold navy like you’ve used here)–and then choose (a) mane color(s) (up to two) that work(s) well with that. (With blue, your best bets are blue-green, yellow, orange, or purple. Never use red with blue.) Choose a third color that goes well with the coat and mane colors (and contrasts with the coat) or reuse (one of) the mane’s color(s) to use for the color of your eyes. This color should also dominate the palette of your cutie mark if at all possible.
Once you’ve figured out the proportions of the pony (eg, its build) and the shape of its snout, mane, tail, and eyes), you should be done. You may (though ideally shouldn’t) add an (one) accessory to the pony at this point, but it should be added with the intent of expressing that character’s self–so unless watches can make you come to tears, or you would be a totally different person if you underwent LASIK, it’s better to go without.
So in summary:  
•Choose a coat color  
‣Ideally, use pastels, as few ponies in the established universe have bold-colored coats|  
‣Don’t use a weird coat pattern unless you find that your character is defined by your acute vitiligo or somesuch  
•Create color scheme around coat color  
‣Color theory isn’t that hard to learn, but there are tools available for free on the internet in case you find yourself struggling. Just remember you need to find a color or colors that work well with the color already selected for your coat.  
‣Complimentary, adjacent, and triadic schemes are all good. If you need to read this, then tetradic and such are probably too complicated for now.  
*-*Secondary color: Mane and tail  
‣Use no more than two; with the exception of Moondancer and her sister, all ponies in the show with three or more colors in their mane have been princesses, Elements of Harmony, or both  
‣This will almost always be your coat’s compliment if you’re going with a primarily two-color scheme; however, it can be another shade of your primary color in some schemes (such as Pinkie Pie)  
*-*Choose a tertiary color  
‣The simplest thing to do is to cop out of choosing a third color by just reusing the second. There’s no shame in that. Strictly, there usually will wind up being a third, but it’s minor enough that it doesn’t matter too much.  
‣This color is often quite unnoticable (the teal/aqua in Fluttershy’s scheme or the blue in Pinkie’s)  
‣Be sure this color is distinct from the primary; otherwise, your eyes may get lost in the fur.  
‣Slap a cutie mark on your flank and you should be ready to go  
‣In the event that your character (that is, personality) is not sufficiently evident from your current appearance, this is the point at which you add details like wings, horns, and accessories that everyone’s always prone to forgetting  
‣Be sure you can justify the details you decide to add. Don’t be a unicorn if you won’t ever use magic or a pegasus if you’ll never fly, don’t add freckles if you never spend any time out in the sun, and don’t wear glasses if they aren’t absolutely necessary to show who you are. (Remember: Twilight’s a huge nerd, and she doesn’t wear glasses!)
I hate whoever decided to make it so hard to do whitespace here.
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@Beta Bookworm  
Ah, so I guess that would be more of a ponesona? Well I personally don’t think the colours go together very well, id mess around with that, try our some other colours till it looks right. But its your oc so
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Undead inside
Respectfully disagreed. BG ponies were designed plainly so they wouldn’t take too much attention away from the main characters. OCs could technically be the stars of their own world, so I see nothing wrong with interesting OCs, and praise them highly above plainer OCs.
But this all just opinions, anyone is free to agree with whatever they want.
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Sorry but this oc is shit. Also that artist:me tag lool.
Try making an oc that wouldn’t look out of place in the background of the show. In other words, don’t try to make a special snowflake, normally doesn’t work out so well