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explicit362533 grimdark29735 artist:meggchan692 king sombra14250 shining armor23675 pony1015361 unicorn344360 comic:trance sequence 26 anal28539 anus100567 balls79887 collar34682 comic111684 dark genitals11770 dirty1867 dock52234 doggy style7937 engrish1588 erection15643 eyes closed98599 floppy ears54785 forced mounting7 from behind13869 gay28718 gritted teeth13330 horsecock72061 male389546 males only3204 nudity383467 open mouth155424 orientation play226 penis159627 plot82392 ponut45768 prone26427 raised tail16139 rape8317 screaming3547 sex126172 shivering2141 sleeping23984 sombra eyes3614


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That’s deliciously evil, I like it >:v
The updates are sometime each month; I usually get around to Patreon towards the very end of the month, but trying to get done with those commissions a little earlier from now on.

Days later? Dude Sombra work on your tyranny skills fuck Cadence then do Shinging useing the juices from his wife as lubricant now that’ll hurt his pride.
Background Pony #AE80
Yeah just like the Cadence one? So essentially starts as something like rape but then it turns into just consensual rough sex. Meg can’t do rape, simple as that.
Downvoted, reported to FBI, wrote an angry internet comment and e-mailed the president.

Yeah. I kinda suspected this was going to happen. Though it was either going to be:  
a.) Shining getting anally raped by Sombra.  
b.) Sombra forcing Shining to watch as he rapes Cadance more and breaks her.  
c.) Sombra genderbends Shining and rapes mare!Shining/Gleaming.  
d.) Shining beats the shit out of Sombra and anally rapes him.