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safe1588236 artist:johnjoseco4397 princess cadance30510 shining armor21939 twilight sparkle284620 alicorn197905 pony855604 unicorn271039 baby9080 baby pictures16 baby pony6180 babying armor13 blushing177941 book30752 cute180717 embarrassed10203 female918856 male309528 mare420795 photo album107 shining adorable523 shiningcadance2415 shipping185531 stallion94190 straight122735 unicorn twilight13201 younger15683


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☀Welcome Princess Celest
My mother only has one baby pic of me.
Me in a cloths washing bin.

Either this will not be a problem for me or the mention of clothing bin will be worse.

Just wait until she gets to the section that documents his toilet training,… he was five at the time.

he thought there was a monster in the potty
Background Pony #C24C
I never got why baby pictures were so embarrassing.
Probably the invasion of privacy-
I think I just answered my own question…

Prior to this:

Shining: "Hey, Twilight, you're not mad about me yelling at you at the wedding rehearsal aren't you?"
Twilight: "Oh, me? No nononononononononono. No no no no no…. No."
Shining: "Phew."
Twilight: "Well, maybe I could show Cadence your baby pictures."
Shining: "(gasps)"
Twilight: "I don't have to, Shiny."
Shining Armor: "Phew."
Twilight: (leans in closer to his ear) "Because she already knows."
Shining: (Pause)
(Twilight puts two pillows to her ears while smiling) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!"