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source needed13669 useless source url2572 safe1613420 artist:ss2sonic398 derpy hooves48600 pinkie pie207237 rainbow dash223799 spike75650 twilight sparkle287970 anthro239276 unguligrade anthro44153 amy rose419 breasts253401 busty rainbow dash7511 clothes424941 crossover59199 female1283955 miles "tails" prower699 race429 sonic the hedgehog2957 sonic the hedgehog (series)7261


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Unusual to see a sonic picture here without it being massively down voted.
Often unfairly.
This has been very well drawn though.

Rainbow Dash vs Sonic at the Olympic Games

If Sega of Japan and Hasbro will collaborate for one game only, and the fans of both sides will be silent…