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Meet Quasar! Son of Celestia and King Sombra. I really love this ship, ever since the Reflections arc in the IDW comics I want this ship to be forever and ever.
Because of that, I had the idea that after Sombra was defeated, Celestia found him the ice outlands of the Crystal Empire, and has been trying to reform him since, to get back the king she fell in love with through the mirror. Together they made Quasar.
Quasar can make and destroy stars. He can only do so much at a time, not being an alicorn, but he did inherit a bit of that powerful magic, which gives him the ability to begin with.

Fun facts:
His mane and tail do the floaty thing like his mothers, but they’re much more weighted.
Quasar’s closest friend is his cousin, Nymph, who would mimic him in play until he got angry
Quasar, like his mother as well, is a nervous dork and even starts laughing when he’s really anxious
While he can be formal, when it comes to being casual, Quasar is really bad at social interaction

Edit**: Eye issue fixed at source


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