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safe1750257 artist:howxu555 applejack173256 daring do6498 lightning dust4605 pinkie pie220141 rainbow dash238543 rarity185573 soarin'14202 spitfire13693 tank2780 twilight sparkle306085 gyarados25 owl1198 pegasus309069 pony1010338 semi-anthro13589 balancing1018 bipedal36202 blushing204610 book34500 cape10732 clothes475926 cute205668 dashabetes9640 dress46068 eyes closed98042 floppy ears54493 frown23561 gala dress4649 glare8303 grin40908 hat90323 high res32671 hoof hold8604 journey to the west10 misspelling2496 model644 modeling315 monkey king4 mouth hold18067 ninja834 ninjato13 open mouth154292 pajamas3381 pigsy4 pinkie being pinkie1320 prone26348 rainbow dash always dresses in style1663 raised hoof48422 reading6424 sha wujing2 shadowbolt dash402 shadowbolts costume1185 sitting65582 sleeping23934 smiling260857 smirk13013 snoring683 spread wings57046 staff3027 stormcloud226 sun wukong11 sweatdrop3396 sword11979 tang sanzang4 unamused16752 uniform11155 wardrobe meme10 wavy mouth3861 weapon31422 wedding dress1906 wedding veil399 wonderbolt trainee uniform1219 xuanzang3 zzz2509


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Background Pony #88FA
Five years & STILL NOT A SINGLE DOWNVOTE!? this must be a blessing from the Buddha themselves!🙏🏼
Note: not actually a Buddhist, just “role playing”😁
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hmm… Fantasywear…

Twi's definitely wearing Tang Sanzang's crown-thingy and robes (Xuanzang's an alt-spelling)…
That implies that Pinkie Pie and Applejack are wearing Zhu Bajie/Pigsy's and Sha Wujing's respective outfits.

Must tag…
Background Pony #FE50
That's not her sleepwear. Her's is a purple and green robe with tank slippers. Not a sky blue polo shirt.
Background Pony #3CBC
Soo…basically Rainbow Dash everyday wear is just wearing nothing at all eh?

@Aegis Steadfast

Traditionally you lie on the floor, clutch your chest and feel your life slip from you. In no particular order.

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