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It started out like any other shitpost… but something wasn’t quite right.  
Witness the Great Chocolate Milk Battle of July 25 and remember those brave Anons who gave their lives defending /mlp/ and ultimately the world.
safe1753972 screencap228194 derpy hooves50817 twilight sparkle306558 oc713404 oc:anon11927 /mlp/5576 4chan6639 4chan screencap2594 absurd resolution67051 chocolate milk733 evil3010 fight6302 insanity2668 meta16748 princess big mac251 text62380 thread883 thread war15 wat19480


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Background Pony #CC3C
Those are harmless jokes.I would have understand your anger at channers if this picture was about them being arrogant,leaking informations,etc but here it’s just some stupid jokes
Background Pony #6999
@Background Pony #5111
>likes to lecture others about using filters  
>seems incapable of following his own advice
it’s almost like texasuberalles is a—oh lets not say it though. wouldn’t want to get another hyper-critical rant thrown at us.